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LandlineTV: Web Sketches Mock Pop Culture | “Comically Relevant, For A Week Or So”


LandlineTV: Web Sketches Mock Pop Culture | “Comically Relevant, For A Week Or So”


A big consequence to living in the information age is that what’s hot one week may not be in the next. LandlineTV knows this and centers all of their weekly comedy sketches around the latest in pop culture.

Whether it’s bashing the latest political bigot or poking fun at an unreleased blockbuster, LandlineTV has a sketch for it.

When LandlineTV hit the web last September, they were fresh with Sarah Palin parodies and even confronted Clay Aiken’s sexuality. Since then, each week a new video has been posted on their YouTube channel that reaffirms their catchphrase: “comically relevant…for about a week or so.”


Even though the channel is relatively new and only has just over 2000 subscribers, many of their sketches have gone viral. “Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin” parodied Swiftboat ads and paid off with over 500,000 views.

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Parody Trailer

Here’s the latest from LanlineTV, where the Spike Jonze’s “Where The Wild Things Are” movie adaptation is parodied; only this time it’s “another 10 page children’s book.” To see the original trailer click here.

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