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Lethal Anti-Rape Tool Bites Penis (Video) | Might As Well Be ‘Teeth’

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Lethal Anti-Rape Tool Bites Penis (Video) | Might As Well Be ‘Teeth’

I had to watch this silent video twice before I could actually understand how this tool works. Believe me, it’s something for guys to be afraid of. Then again, if you’ve ever seen the horror movie ‘Teeth,’ you might find it familiar.

Rape-aXe is advertised as “the Ultimate Anti-Rape Tool, and for a good reason. The tool can cause rapists potentially lethal injuries should they try to rape a victim with it installed.

Personally, I think this product does more harm than good. No, it’s not as bad as rape but it could potentially lead to murder. No doubt this product was made from a rapist victim- how else could someone come up with something this vengeful?!

Call me an optimist, but I can’t imagine that there could me a legitimate reason for this device to be legal. I positive that the human race will eventually grow out of heinous crimes like rape. Then again, I’m a just a guy.

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