– create, shape and watch your own library of video clips

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Magnify is a simple system for watching, creating and shaping your own internet video library that is made entirely from video clips that are already posted around the web. So any video library can be filled with videos from video sharing sites like YouTube, Revver, and more.

How to create your own Video Library

  • You create a video library by choosing a topic – e.g Surfing
  • This surfing video library you make can be hosted on or even on your own website
  • Magnify will go searching for videos on surfing and include them in your video library.
  • You can upload or specify particular videos to add if you want to.
  • You and anyone else who uses this surfing video library can rate videos to say which is the most entertaining, informative, or relevant. Over time the surfing video library becomes filled only with the best surfing videos.
  • Other people can put a little preview box (called a widget) on their website. Check out the preview box of the surfing video library YouSurfTubes

Shame it’s not like TV

It is a shame that an individual video library doesn’t in-fact act like a channel. calls them a video channel, but because you can only watch one clip at a time and have to select each clip, I would call it a video library. Now if you could just get the videos to play one after another that would be cool!

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