Most Popular Internet Videos of All Time

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The Most Significant Youtube Videos/Shows/Themes From

  1. lonelygirl15
  2. Lazy Sunday
  3. George Allen “macaca” incident
  4. YouTube founders announce Google acquisition
  5. OK Go’s treadmill music video
  6. Michael Richards’ rant
  7. geriatric1927
  8. Amateur videos used in legal investigations
  9. Chinese Backstreet Boys
  10. funtwo guitarist, Barats & Bereta, Aleksey Vayner

The Top Ten Internet Viral Videos Ever (BBC)

  1. Star Wars Kid (900m)
  2. Numa Numa (700m)
  3. One Night In Paris (400m)
  4. Kylie Minogue for Agent Provocateur (360m)
  5. The Exploding Whale (350m)
  6. John West Salmon Bear Fight (300m)
  7. Trojan Games (300m)
  8. Kolla2001 (200m)
  9. AfroNinja (80m)
  10. The Shining Redux (50m)

All Time Top 10 Viral Videos from VidFan

  1. The Star Wars Kid
  2. Numa Numa
  3. Leeroy Jenkins
  4. GI-Joe PSA Remakes
  5. Recut Shining
  6. Bubb Rubb
  7. Smelly Monkey
  8. Hasselhoff Hooked on a Feeling
  9. Pinky the Cat
  10. The Grape Smasher

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