New CNET TV Station with Tech, Cars, Gadgets, Movies and Music TV Shows

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CNET TV LogoIf any of you are into tech related news then you will have probably wondered onto the CNET website.

For some time CNET has provided tech related video episodes in addition to its regular news and reviews. The video episodes even became available in the living room through Series 2 TiVo digital video recorders in the USA.

Now CNET has officially launched CNET TV, its web based internet TV channel that broadcasts world news, product reviews and more. CNET TV is also available on demand through Verizon’s FiOS TV in the US, similar to what TiVo already offers.

CNET TV is now shows a lot more than just tech related video clips. It now has video episodes on movies, music, cars, computer gaming and the more familiar gadgets and tech TV shows.

I’m really excited about what CNET TV has to offer in each section. I just had a browse through the TV episodes available on CNET TV and here is a sample of what I found:

Car Tech:
2006 Honda S2000 video
2006 Mercury Milan Video
Paris Auto Show: Mercedes CL63 Video

Gadgets and Gear:
Prizefight: Cowan A2 vs. Archos 604 Video
HP OfficeJet 6310 Video Review

Tips and Tricks:
Video Editing on Your Computer Video Tutorial
Organize your music with Media Monkey Video Tutorial

Gaming Preview: Halo Wars – Video Review
Gaming Preview: FIFA World Cup 2006 – Video Review

Movies and Music:
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Beginning – Video Trailer
School of Scoundrels – Video Trailer

Watch CNET TV here

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