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Watch India | New Indian TV Channel


Watch India | New Indian TV Channel

Watch-India-LogoIt seems very logical that it’s about time for there to be an Indian internet TV channel. Bollywood has been exploding over the past decade, and Indian entertainers have been showing up out of the woodwork.

Watch India is the first internet TV channel of its kind. It offers several different portals for viewers to watch, including a sports channel, a news channel, and a general TV channel that features different series.

All of the website’s shows are directed towards an Indian audience, but it’s my opinion that everyone, regardless of heritage, will enjoy the diverse website. I see this internet TV channel as being extremely successful, especially if it continues to offer the diverse types of programming that it offers now.

There are only a couple of things that got under my skin. In order to experience what Watch India has to offer, you have to either take part in a two day free trial or commit to spending $25 a year for a subscription. This isn’t a very expensive charge, but it’s a charge just the same.

Also, the player that Watch India uses should really only be used with Internet Explorer. This isn’t a huge deal, but it does bother me, since I have a deep love for Firefox.

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