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News War | An online documentary looking at the controversial news industry


News War | An online documentary looking at the controversial news industry

News War

News War is a new online series which comes from Frontline, the American public television’s flagship public affairs series. News War, as the title suggests, discusses the shape (and inherent controversies) of the news industry, including over 50 interviews with major media players.

As someone from the UK it’s interesting to see the huge differences between the style of news that we get over here in the UK, compared to that in the US, with the US news tending to be a lot more sensational and dramatic.

That’s not to say we get the same here in the UK. I’m often left wondering who really gives a shit if Britney Spears shaved her head and why the hell is this on prime time news.

News War will definitely be an interesting show to give us a clearer look inside the news industry. The four-part series is being aired in the US on PBS as well as on the website. Web-only features include the Internet news revolution, continued in-depth coverage of changes at The Los Angeles Times, and facts and figures about the business of the news.

News War features some interviews with some very interesting individuals including:

  • Bill Keller, Executive Editor of The News York Times
  • Dean Baquet, formerly of The Los Angeles Times
  • Judith Miller formerly at The News York Times
  • Dana Priest of The Washington Post
  • Ted Koppel formerly on ABC News
  • Dan Rather formerly on CBS News,
  • Bob Woodward of The Washington Post;
  • Jeff Jarvis of Buzz Machine
  • Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.

The extended interviews focus on a wide range of issues currently affecting the news media, including the Valerie Plame investigation, the current battle between the White House and the press, how the Internet and new media are shaping the future of news, media bias, reporter’s privilege, and reporting on national security issues.

Click here to watch News War.

A number of other documentaries from Frontline can also be watched online here

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