Nicole Richie Vs Paris Hilton | A Driving Under The Influence Celebrity Death Match

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Both Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been dominating the news headlines for the past few months, and mainly for the wrong reasons.

Paris Hilton spent 22 days in prison for a combination of drink driving and violating her probation. But at least that’s 21 days more than Nicole Richie who recently got released after a mere 82 minutes inside.

Nicole was arrested and sentenced after being found driving under the influence, and has admitted using marijuana and Vicodin prior to the incident.

This video, an old MTV Celebrity Death Match episode, feature the 2 fallen stars fighting in a tooth and claw encounter, which finishes with Hilton in flames.

And what does she do to douse the fire? Strip off her clothes until she’s wearing nothing, and writhe around butt naked.

As the plasticine commentator so rightly puts it ” It’s not every day you see that… unless you have the Internet of course.


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