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Obama Girl Vs. Giuliani Girl Video | Barely Political And Barely Dressed

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Obama Girl Vs. Giuliani Girl Video | Barely Political And Barely Dressed

Amber Lee Ettinger is making headlines on YouTube and Playboy when she sparked debate and rumors with this video she starred in, pitting her, Obama Girl, and her crew against the Giulinani hot girl supporters.

I’m not all that familiar with Barely Political, but it looks like a really creative way to reach out to the younger demographics to encourage young people to pay attention to the issues and voice their opinions in the way of voting. With less than half the American population voting, half-dressed sexy girls just might change that.

In song and dance form, these girls debate the pros and cons of Obama vs. Giuliani in a very comedic way. I do give her kudos for standing up for what she believes in and bringing sexy back to politics. Sorry Bill.

Can you believe one respondent on YouTube said, “Why are all American girls fat?” Excuse me? This person is apparently blind, but you can be the judge. Frankly I think they are jealous cuz these girls got curves. Eat it.

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