One Mile Car Jump Attempt Video | You’ve Got to Give the Guy Credit for Trying

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This clip about a 1976 attempt to jump the St. Lawrence River in a car is truly amazing. The stunt did not work out as planned, but you’ve got to admire all of the planning that went into it. And the guy in the car must have had some major cojones.

The jump involved over four years of planning, more than one million dollars in expenses, an eight story ramp, and a rocket-powered Lincoln Continental with wings. Kenny Powers, the brave soul behind the wheel, was an experienced stuntman with the injuries to prove it and the desire to break a world record.

Everything might have worked out as planned had the car not flown apart shortly after leaving the ramp. Luckily Mr. Powers only suffered a broken back. No biggie, because he had already been there and done that seven times over.


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