Orb.com Offers Remote Access of Your Personal Media Library | Cheaper & Better Than an iPod Video

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So you’ve got some extra cash laying around and are contemplating to yourself: “Self…should I buy that iPod Video? How else can I get all my favorite music, movies, and shows in the palm of my hand at an affordable price?”

Well, I think it’s about time for you and “self” to have a little sit-down because I’m about to save you some money. Introducing Orb.com; the answer to your prayers.

I’m sure you’ve heard of those remote access products. “Access your PC from any Web browser or wireless device in real time” says sites like GoToMyPC.com. Orb is kind of like that, only for media.

As long as you have a pocket device (such as a cell phone or pocket pc) with Pocket IE and Windows Media Player, you can use Orb to stream virtually any media off your computer and on to your device.


Here are some of the perks of having an Orb compatible device:

  • Watch Pre-Recorded Movies & Shows
  • Listen To Your Entire Music Collection
  • Watch Live TV
  • It’s FREE!

So next time you see find yourself drooling over that fancy iPod at the store just think: “Self…we’ve already been over this.”

[Orb.com Website]


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