Paris Hilton Reformed? | Funny Paris Hilton Goes to Jail Outtake Videos

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In celebration of Paris’ recent release from jail, I found this Paris Hilton Goes to Jail Outtakes video spoof.

It’s not really Paris, but this person who is acting the part sure knows the Paris that is in all the magazines, who is featured on TV and is the center of a million and one jokes.

Now, if Paris sticks to her word and really keeps her nose clean (figuratively and literally), then this would be our last chance to have a laugh at her expense.

Paris claims to have been “acting” dumb this whole time (but we all know what kind of acting skills she really has). Wow, she definitely had us fooled.

Well, just in case she surprises us all and truly does reform, here’s one last spoof for us to all enjoy. But, I almost guarantee that there will be more.

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