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Will Ferrell clip| Pearl’s Farewell Performance

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Will Ferrell clip| Pearl’s Farewell Performance

Will Ferrell has caught some flack for including his friend’s toddler in his online comedy skits, but few would say the man isn’t funny. This latest clip has Pearl playing the bad cop in an interrogation scenario. Hilarity and cuteness ensues.

It’s not quite as funny as The Landlord, but it’s still worth watching. I suppose it just doesn’t have that shock and awe factor, but Pearl is still adorable and her co-star is still Will Ferrell.

Also, this is apparently Pearl’s last performance, so this is probably the last time most of us will see her unless she follows in Will’s footsteps. Towards the end of the video there’s a message that tells us she’s entering into baby retirement.

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  37. I’M JEALOUS, you get to see New Moon later…. my hubby and friends are not fans =) but i will be dragging my hubby Saturday to see it. lol Being in Valdosta I hope you don’t get caught in long lines. Have fun girl

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