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Realhealth.tvWhatever type of ailment or illness you may have had in your life you are probably aware that there are others out there that went through the same thing.

It is often helpful to share and interact with other people who went through similar health issues to yourself. is a web TV station built on the philosophy. brings people together to share their health stories on video. The site is about everyday people and does not offer medical advice or remedies, although it will point you in the right direction for more information. went live in July 2006 and since then it has had over 100 video stories submitted to the site about real people and their health issues and lifestyles.

Videos can take the form of people’s stories of breast cancer, dealing with allergies, heart attacks and even sperm banking as a result of testicular cancer, just in case you wanted to see a guy talking about masturbating into a cup.


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