Ripped Pants Prank Video | Do You Feel A Breeze?!

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OK. Sometimes, it is the silliest things that make us laugh. And this silly prank really got the prank victims laughing.

You know how you rely on friends, or sometimes strangers, to let you know you’ve got a booger hanging from your nose, or maybe a big, gunky green thing stuck in your teeth?

Well, I am one that truly appreciates that, as I do NOT want to walk around with toilet paper hanging out of the back of my pants! And I’m always sure to return the favor.

Well, these prank observers only go so far as to laugh at this guy, as they watch his clothes transform from “simply pants” to “baring-it-all chaps” when this prankster stands up and walks away from the bench.

Riiiiiippppp. Oops, what was that?! Better check your pants, as these people aren’t going to help you out.


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