Robin Williams on the Invention of Golf (Vid)

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Robin Williams is the man of many voices and is known for his incredible comedic and voice abilities in movie favorites like Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Night at The Museum, not to forget the voice behind the loveable Ramon from Happy Feet.

Either you love him or you hate him, so I hear, but this clip from one of his comedy shows features an ever-popular commentary on the Invention of Golf.

Don’t mind all the water bottles (you’d think he’s a fish), and try to get through the Scottish accent and you’ll learn all about the intricacies of Golf, invented by the Scots, of course.

So maybe it’s not quite the intricacies of golf, but Robin Williams sure knows how to hit the funny bone with his story of the ridiculousness that is Golf, where we must try to get this tiny ball in something the size of a gofer hole, 100 yards away.

It may not be an extremely physical sport, but man, it sure knows how to piss you off, unless, of course, your drunk, or you are the secret weapon, best known as Tiger Woods!

Golf – origin from American culture and then became popular world-widely.
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