Ronaldinho Showboating Video | Flamengo and Brazil Soccer Player Demonstrates Ability

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I’m not that much of a football fan these days, but when I see a skill such as this one I’m left with my mouth agape in wonderment at how someone can be so freakishly talented.

At 31-years-old he may be getting on in age a little (for a soccer player at least), but Ronaldinho certainly hasn’t lost any of the ability which made him one of the best footballers the world has ever seen.

The continual keepy-uppies he starts off doing isn’t much to write home about, granted, but what happens next seems to bend the laws of physics.

Ronaldinho kicks the ball straight up in the air, instinctively knows where it’ll be landing, and stops it dead on the top of his foot. Then to top it off he nutmegs one of his teammates.

If anyone know how he did this, send your answers on a postcard. Because I cannot figure it out.


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