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Sarah Silverman Video | Paris Hilton Insulted at MTV Movie Awards

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Sarah Silverman Video | Paris Hilton Insulted at MTV Movie Awards

Vaginas? Rehab? Penis prison? Are you joking? Man, this year’s MTV Movie Award show had it all, with some of the best of it contained in this two minute clip.

And FINALLY!, Sarah Silverman, the 2007 host best known for her unconventional and controversial comedic style, calls the most headlined celebrities out on the “red” carpet of shame. Jack Nicholson shows a candid interest and enjoyment at what first appears to be a joke at Paris Hilton.

But as Sarah continues, and by the caught-on-camera, live reaction of Miss Hilton herself, it is clear that the joke was not “staged.” Right on Sarah! That’s what I’m talking about; and it appears the crowd agrees.

Another Year, Another Insult for Paris

You can also see that Sarah Silverman ripped into Paris at last year’s MTV Movie Awards. Who would have thought one year later Miss Hilton would be going to prison.

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  1. MrsPriddy

    June 4, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    Great videos and description was right on the money!

  2. MrsPriddy

    June 4, 2007 at 5:30 pm

    Thanks for posting the videos. The description is right on the money. Anytime that Paris is caught off guard is hilarious!

  3. Lisa

    June 7, 2007 at 12:15 am

    Wow I have never seen how someone could act so low,disgusting and with no class. Sarah was one of my favorite comedians and i was really excited to see her host the MTV awards this year,as I’m a young person and really enjoy the movie awards too. I know Sarah is straight up and that’s part of her comedy,but lets be real here. Paris could be the biggest slut in the world but she did NOT deserve this at all,no one does.She is a human too! Come on the girl was sitting there while she is insulting her in the meanest way in national TV, It wasn’t even funny to say that they are going to paint the bar cell as penis.???? Is Sarah in drugs?? That’s very rude. Did you see Paris face? you could tell she wanted to hide under a rock,she dint know what to do. I’m not a paris fan but I felt so bad for that girl,It looked like she wanted to cry so loud..yet she was able to control herself and give a smile. Who is the one with out class now? It just showed who really is a B****. If it was me I would had stand up and smack the hell out of Sarah, What a B****. I can’t believe MTV let her act like this on live TV. Kids are watching this,and she’s talking about pennis,vagina..ext I have lost all kind of respect for MTV and many more have as well. Search around and you will see how they are many angry people regarding these awards. This wasn’t entertainment this was disgusting and uncalled for. Sarah has lost one of her biggest fans. I know she always says rude stuff on her shows but this was the limit.I agree 100% that Paris deserves to go to Jail for breaking the rules,and that’s fine..but Sarah comments were not.

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