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Scary Shark Video | The One That Got Away

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Scary Shark Video | The One That Got Away

I’ve done some fishing in my time, and it’s a very relaxing pastime that gets you outside in the fresh air at one with nature. That is until the shark turns up.

I have never seen a shark in my life, and I hope never to do so. Being in the U.K. means it’s highly unlikely I will see one unless I go on holiday to exciting foreign climes.

These people weren’t so lucky. The lady in the video was merrily reeling in a fish she’d just hooked on her line – in torrential rain, by the looks of it – when a shark surfaces and steals the fish.

It’s shocking to see a shark that close on video, so I can only imagine how scary it was for those involved. Especially as they’re standing on a wooden platform overhanging the water.

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