Stunning David Beckham Free Kick Video | L.A. Galaxy Vs. Sporting Kansas City Game

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David Beckham is not only still alive and playing football, he’s still banging in the odd free kick. And this one, for L.A. Galaxy vs. Sporting Kansas City, is a pretty damn good one.

If I’m honest I wasn’t even aware David Beckham was still playing football. I know he went to the U.S. to play for L.A. Galaxy a few years ago for a ludicrous amount of money but I thought he’d retired recently.

Instead, as this video shows, he still possesses some rather awesome skills when it comes to getting a football (or soccer ball as he probably now calls it) to do what he wants it to.

All this does, however, is make me realize what a one-trick pony Beckham was all along. Oh, he could cross and pass quite well too, but he’ll really only be remembered for a few amazing free kicks. And the range of hairstyles he has sported over the years.


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