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The Evil Side Of Easter – 5 Easter Videos Showing That Easter Is Not All Bunnies & Chocolate

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The Evil Side Of Easter – 5 Easter Videos Showing That Easter Is Not All Bunnies & Chocolate

The Evil Side Of EasterEaster is almost here, and it’s a time to put aside any differences, celebrate with chocolate eggs, and cuddly bunnies, and start your life over.

At least that’s the idea, all wrapped up in the form of a religious festival where someone supposedly came back to life a couple of thousand years ago.

But there’s a darker to it all, and Easter isn’t the lovely, happy holiday we all may think it is. Here are five videos that show why we should be scared…

The Evil Easter Bunny In Action

The Easter bunny is a cute symbol for the holiday, doling out chocolate eggs to kids everywhere. Except he isn’t. In fact, he is an evil presence in the the world who spends the rest of the year beating up innocent people. You have been warned.

Easter Eggsposed

The consumerism aspects of Easter have kind of overshadowed the religious ones in the last few decades, and this is why: The Easter bunny is a chain-smoking, alcoholic, porn-addicted whore of the egg industry! It’s true, this fake new report says so.

Easter Bunny Prank – Scaring Young Children

What happens when you put the Easter bunny up against that most evil character, Death? Well, according to this video, a chase ensues, and the bunny ends up getting killed in front of small children. Scarred for life?

Jesus Vs. The Easter Bunny

Jesus, the main man of Easter, isn’t very happy to see that stupid bunny getting all of the attention, and tells him in no uncertain terms to get a day of his own. Unfortunately for the Easter bunny, he picks December 25th, and has Santa to answer to.

Happy Tree Friends – Easter Smoochie

In this Happy Tree Friends Special to celebrate Easter, Toothy finds out to his cost that not all eggs are the treats they appear to be. Kids, remember this when you’re tucking in to your own chocolate (or are they?) eggs…

Whatever your plans are, be they religious or chocolate centred, just remember to look behind you at all times, as an ass kicking Easter bunny may be waiting to pounce.

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