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The Very Best 300 Parody Videos | “This Is Sparta!” Funny Trailers Compilation

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The Very Best 300 Parody Videos | “This Is Sparta!” Funny Trailers Compilation


Ever since the 300 trailer came out, there have been countless parodies of it. People like to argue which parody came first, but here at WebTVHub, we like to focus on a more important issue: The very best parody trailer.

Fake 300 trailers have been somewhat of a YouTube trend this year. No doubt, there have been hundreds of parodies and even more spin-off remakes, but which one will be crowned king? Read on to find out.

Family Guy 300

Just because the original 300 trailer was serious, it doesn’t mean that Stewie and the gang can’t pull it off. This first one also features one of the best timing moments of all 300 parodies at 1:06. It’s almost as if the audio was made for a Family Guy episode.

Star Wars 300

There are other Star Wars 300 parody trailers, but this one is the best by far. Natalie Portman’s lips sync almost perfectly when she says “What should a free man do?” All clips are from Revenge Of The Sith as well as various video game footage.

Naruto Anime 300

For you anime fans out there, here’s a Naruto 300 Trailer. However, you don’t need to be a Naruto fan to appreciate the time put in this video. When the Hokage (the old guy) says “Tonight we dine in hell!” it’s just perfect. You can download the HQ version here.

Dragonball Z 300 Trailer

What could be better for an anime fan than syncing 300 to Naruto? Absolutely nothing… except syncing 300 to the most popular anime series of all time: Dragon Ball Z.

King Of The Parodies: LCP’s Mexican 300

Hands down, this has to be the best 300 parody trailer of all time. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any funnier than Family Guy, you see a fat Mexican yelling “Mexicans! Tonight we dine in San Diego!” This video was made by The Latino Comedy Project.

So there you have it: the cream of the crop of 300 parodies. Maybe you disagree with the winner, or maybe you know of another one that should have made the list. Then again, that’s why we have comments.

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