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Tomb Raider Internet TV Series | 10 Year Anniversary

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Tomb Raider Internet TV Series | 10 Year Anniversary

Tomb Raider 1

I remember the time when I first got to play the very first Tomb Raider. It was at my Uncle’s house and I played it non-stop all day and the game got so embedded in my mind that I went to sleep that night still dreaming I was playing it. Thankfully it was the only time I knowingly dreamed about a video game.

Now 10 years on the Tomb Raider series is still going strong. To celebrate GameTap has started off a new internet TV series that celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Tomb Raider.

The series takes you through the history of the game in several episodes. The first one is available now.

In addition GameTap has also launched a new animated TV series called Re\Visioned which “explores and re-imagines well known video game franchises.” The opening episode will feature Lara Croft as interpreted by well-known animators, comic book artists and writers.

[Tomb Raider on GameTap Via GamaSutra]

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