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Top 10 Synchronized Christmas Light Display Videos | Impressive Even Without The Music

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Top 10 Synchronized Christmas Light Display Videos | Impressive Even Without The Music

Top 10 Synchronized Christmas Light Display VideosWe are now less than a month away from Christmas, and everyone at last seems to be getting in the mood for the big day.

I always look forward to late November and early December, as that’s when everyone starts decorating their houses with Christmas lights and ornaments which can’t help but give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Very few however are as well done as the following, which thanks to a lot of time of time, energy, money and some clever computer software show light displays synced with music.

‘Wizards In Winter’ in Ohio

This is one of the first of these types of video I saw, and still very impressive. The synchronisation is second to none, and I also love the tune.

‘Wizards In Winter’ in Frisco, Texas

Wow, I don’t even want to begin to imagine how much work this took to set up, or how many lights are involved, and of even more importantly, the amount of electricity used.

‘Carol Of the Bells’

A subtle tune, which I’m sure I’ve heard in a Harry Potter film, and a mightily impressive video to boot. The house is huge though, so they can obviously afford the costs involved.

Sherman Oaks, California

This one is bordering on the side of garish, with too many different colours and types of light. The song also isn’t the best, but once it gets going, you can’t help but sit back in awe.

‘Peanuts Theme’ in Rochester, New York

Now that’s an original song to set a Christmas lights display to. Unlike the last video on our list, this is very subtle, with maybe oo few lights to really give the desired wow factor.

‘Carol Of The Bells’ in Tennessee

There has got to be thousands of lights there, I mean come on, surely that’s overkill… I bet the rest of the street couldn’t watch TV when this baby was playing!

‘Carol Of The Bells’… Again

This isn’t the most varied display by any means, but it has got a lot of lights, and quite a bit of style to boot. It’s that bloody song again though!

‘Jingle Bells’ Multiple Houses

This one nearly didn’t make it on to the list, mainly because the song is damn annoying. What saves it is the fact that the syncing goes over the rest to a house across the street… impressive.

‘Carol Of The Bells’… Yet Again

Same song again yes, but still an impressive display none the less. I love the use of colour in this one, with swathes of green and red having a really striking effect.

‘Superman Theme’

The border around the video is a mistake, but what an inspired song choice… even better than the Peanuts Theme one. It works, but I couldn’t tell you why. I for one loved this, and it made me think of Christmas, and erm Superman too.

So there we have it, some of the best synchronised Christmas lights display videos ever made. As most of these are from last year, expect to see a whole new glut of them on YouTube any time soon. I for one can’t wait to see how people have tried to outdo this lot.

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