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Watch Awesome Lego Casino Royale! ( Video)

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Watch Awesome Lego Casino Royale! ( Video)

A Lego remake of the opening scene from Casino Royale. Carefully and painstakingly remade, frame for frame! More Lego videos at

For those who don’t know, lego stunts and videos are no easy feat. I haven’t tried this per se besides back in my toddler days and even then, do you remember how long those buildings used to take???

To have 500,000 hits in two days says something about how awesome this guy’s videos are but besides that, the appropriate lighting, spot on voices, and attention to detail are all keys features to the success of a lego video. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Think about it. The clear Legos in the sink to represent water? Brilliant. Little additions like that help send home those shots. I can’t remember the last time a home-style cartoon was this well done. Robot Chicken was an onspiration for us all, especially this dude. Or at least that’s the feel I got. James Bond and Legos? Give this guy some money for his time already instead of those turds making videos of themselves chugging hot sauce for an online boyfriend.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    May 16, 2013 at 4:55 am

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