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Watch Awesome New ‘Toy Story 4’ Official Movie Trailer Video

Watch Awesome New ‘Toy Story 4’ Official Movie Trailer Video

Literally laughed out loud at the end there, so yep, going to check this one out.

“The Toy Story franchise is one of Pixar’s most beloved series, but the last three films felt like they were missing a little something: a touch of Canada. A new trailer for Toy Story 4 rectifies that with a new toy voiced by Keanu Reeves named Duke Caboom.

“Duke Caboom is a real “poser,” according to Bo Peep, but he’s the perfect toy to help track down a missing toy. Reeves is a bonafide Canadian who grew up in the snazzy area of Yorkville, Toronto, and he brings that confident attitude to Duke Caboom, “Canada’s greatest stuntman.”

“Reeves’ character doesn’t get too much on-screen time in the trailer, but it’s just enough to tease an action figure that kids will want their parents to buy after the movie’s over.”

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