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Watch Cool Video: Obscene Gestures From Around The World

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Watch Cool Video: Obscene Gestures From Around The World

You never know what signs you’re making from a few simple hand gestures. It’s time to learn up on your obscenities with a little cultural flare! As we all know, nothing beats an educational video.

You want to speak sign language? Start off with Greece for “I’m ignoring you.” WHat does that look like? Twiddling your hands right? Put a bit of crassness into it. It’s not rude. It’s a way to be blunt!

Then you go for the Mexican! Stinginess is possibly a word covered in various ways all around the world! But keep in mind, some signs and same sounding words are NOT synonyms and if you don’t pay attention you might find yourself waking up in a ditch without your kidneys.

Give that lady the old devil horns! Rock on was made in America, of course. We do like to take frowns and turn them upside down. Think Mc Donalds. Though that smile is only temporary on that boat. No worries though. You’ll still impress people with your cultural sign language knowledge. Just put the burger down.

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