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Watch Cool Video: Why It’s Hard Out There For A Lefty

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Watch Cool Video: Why It’s Hard Out There For A Lefty

The world just wasn’t designed for lefties. This senseless oppression must come to an end! The honest facts of this natural born diversity is really quite interesting though and you would learn much from this video.

For example, who knew three ringed binders were such crappy while simultaneously useful pieces of construction? I didn’t. But now I know! We always takes for granted, that which was designed for the majority of the masses.

And while everyone can attain lead stained hands from the use of a pencil, well, apparently it is much more exasperating for lefties. Just think about can openers. Could you use such a device with your left hand? I think not.

The desks are another matter entirely. You would think the support of their arms on the left side would be much easier but the gravity pull while using a pencil is probably an added security benefit towards their scribbling.

All this and more is learned if you just kept an open mind to those less identical to you! Give Buzzfeed some love for their scientific research and knowledge!


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