Watch Do Spicy Food Lovers Live Longer? SciShow Video

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I’m going to go ahead and continue really not liking – and thus not eating – spicy food. Bleh.

“Nowadays, a majority of the people spend their day caught up with work or family and household matters.

“It is highly unlikely to put aside some time specifically for enjoyment and pleasure especially now when even the weekends are filled with business assignments or homework from school.

“Very few people are able to relax and take their minds off the stress from different areas of life. Fortunately, common things are shared by most of the people to beat the tension of the day, for example, indulging in varieties of food.

“Choosing meals and snacks to eat and give in to cravings might be a trivial thing but in reality, most people would agree that it is highly effective in providing mental satisfaction and relaxation.”

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