Watch Earth’s Spin Is Slowing Down! Video | What Happens If It Stops?

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Well, that’s cheerful.

“Any way you look at it, it spells disaster.

“Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning? You can probably guess that it would not result in anything good, in fact, it would be disastrous.

“If the Earth stopped spinning suddenly, most people on Earth would die.

“If the Earth slowed down gradually, it would be absolutely devastating, but there is a chance some people could survive. Here is what would happen.

“If Earth Suddenly Stopped Spinning

“Our atmosphere is rotating at the same rate Earth is spinning: approximately 1050 miles per hour at the equator, with the speed decreasing the further north or south you go from the equator.

“The rotation is effectively zero at the north and south pole.”

Read more at The Science Explorer


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