Watch Funny ‘Science of Lying’ Educational SciShow Video | Everyone Lies

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We all lie. Every single one of us. Sometimes we lie without even realising it. ALL of us. Not so innocent now, are you?

“Hank gets into the dirty details behind our lying ways – how such behavior evolved, how pathological liars are different from the rest of us, and how scientists are getting better at spotting lies in many situations.” – YT

Bwahaha. I love the SciShow. Learning is fun!

Did you see what I did there? Was I telling the truth or was I lying? Hrm.

Anyway, I decided to throw this baby up today because not only do I love this series (check it out! (no, I’m not being paid to tell you to check it out)) but I think the fact lying actually had an evolutionary process is pretty damn cool.


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