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Yeah man, yawns are pretty damn contagious. So don’t do it. These are the dudes who seem to be most succesful at their adventures of trying to make it big by youtube. Go you for being original through the most unoriginal website to date! However, ti is rather useful. I’ll give it that.

But truth be told, what a way to see if a hot chick you’re interested in is watching you. These dudes are rather genius in their own ways! But why must we always have the girlish looking British teens making it in the US!? Are we not good enough!?!?!?! I’ll say we aren’t if no one else has the nads to do it!

Look, all I really want to know is, why are the foreigners beating us at our own game? Shouldn’t we find a way to be original without sucking balls at it? Shouldn’t we stop stealing television ideas as well as remaking foreign movies? The Great Gatsby is the closest we have to staying true to our own creations and yet F. Scott Fitzgerald would have been rolling in his grave by how far off the beaten path we came to interpreting his manuscript.

We’ll do better in the next coming years….or at least I hope so.

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