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Watch ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Jeremy Jahns Movie Review Video

Watch ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Jeremy Jahns Movie Review Video

“If all you seek are giant monsters punching each other, don’t let me prevent you from seeing the heart-stoppingly stupid but sporadically entertaining Godzilla vs. Kong.

“The fourth entry in Warner’s loosely connected “MonsterVerse” brings these two legendary beasts face-to-face long enough to be serviceable turn-your-brain-off fodder.

“And clearly, lots of attention has been paid to making sure the creatures look … well, “realistic” isn’t quite the word, is it?

“But there is something exciting about the perfectly rendered computer-generated streams of water dripping off every one of the many millions of computer-generated hairs on Kong’s computer-generated body, not to mention the infinite computer-generated crags and jags of Godzilla’s computer-generated scales. There is grandeur in it.

“I would happily spend half a day watching a computer-generated King Kong romping and splashing around in slow motion in a big body of water. (Still, I do miss the guy-in-a-rubber-suit era.)”

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