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Watch Goldie Hawn Talks ‘MindUp’ Program Going Digital Celeb Video

Watch Goldie Hawn Talks ‘MindUp’ Program Going Digital Celeb Video

“After 20 years pioneering a neuroscience-based mental health curriculum used by 7 million students, Goldie Hawn’s MindUP scales digital platform to address widespread anxiety, stress, aggression, depression, and suicide among children and young adults.

“MindUP for Life, the signature program of the Goldie Hawn Foundation, announced today the launch of MindUP for Life Digital – an interactive online learning platform bringing MindUP’s evidence-based mental fitness program to children, families, educators, senior-leaders, and adults nationwide.

“The MindUP program is now accessible online to parents, teachers and kids across the globe.

“It was developed with the help of the field’s top educators and neuroscientists to equip children with the knowledge and tools to manage stress, regulate emotions and to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and 21st century with optimism, resilience, and compassion.”

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