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Watch hilarious “Sharing Is Caring” Video | Bobby Lee & Anthony Lee

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Watch hilarious “Sharing Is Caring” Video | Bobby Lee & Anthony Lee

This takes that cliche “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” adage into a whole new level. It’s some filthy, raunchy, but oh so familiar scenario when you stay at your friend’s house and notice what a slob they are when in all actuality, they’ve got some pretty nice stuff!

I could see Bobby Lee being this gross while at the same time, he’s got Fiji water on tap, son! Meanwhile, his bro is just horrified that he looks like a hobo. Reminds me of a few people I know…

But if you notice, he also has a pretty nice apartment, it’s just a little messy, that’s all. But what’s with the strange images of a dog rubbing its butt on the carpet and the splooge squirting out of something eerily hairy?

That’s comedians for you. They know just how to get you to let your gaurd down. And then you shake their hand…but you don’t know exactly where that hand has been. Or do you?


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