Watch Last Secret Files of JFK Assassination to be Released News Video

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“My colleague Ed Pilkington has found a memo from a CIA division chief regarding Lee Harvey Oswald’s contact with the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, in September 1963.

“It suggests that conspiratorial ideas were creeping into senior levels of the CIA only a day after Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

“According to an intercepted phone call in Mexico City, Lee Oswald was at the Soviet embassy there on 28 September 1963 and spoke with the consul, Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov.

“This was learned when Oswald called the Soviet embassy on 1 October, identifying himself by name and speaking broken Russian, stating the above and asking the guard who answered the phone whether there was “anytihng new concerning the telegram to Washington.”

“The guard chekced and told Oswald that a request had been sent, but nothing had as yet been received.”

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