Watch Minecraft Legends: Official Game Launch Trailer Video

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“The controls in Minecraft Legends can be a bit difficult to handle, especially when you’re using a controller. As a real-time strategy game — one that doesn’t shy from the complexity of the genre, at that — there is a ton to keep an eye on simultaneously.

“Whether you use the classic keyboard and mouse combination or your trusty Xbox controller, we have some suggestions about the best control options in Minecraft Legends, as well as a few ideas for further tweaks that can improve the overall experience.

“In the Controller and Keyboard/Mouse menus, under the Controller and Keyboard Features tab, you’ll find three options related to toggled mode.

“This makes it so actions like sprint, build, and banner no longer require you to hold the designated button, and instead activate them with a simple press.

“Activating this option will considerably reduce the strain of having to hold down the designated buttons, as per usual. In Minecraft Legends, it also helps you to focus on the battlefield alone.”

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