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Watch Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon: Season 2’ IGN Review Video

Watch Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon: Season 2’ IGN Review Video

“Takeshi Kovacs can’t smile. That’s just a fact or, better put, a defining facet of “Altered Carbon’s” lead character.

“After watching the first 10 hours of Netflix’s sci-fi adaptation — about a future where a person’s brain can be digitized into a portable “stack,” and then swapped into a new body to achieve immortality — it was clear the 300-year-old Envoy played (mostly) by Joel Kinnaman can fight well, shoot even better, and have remarkably nimble sex for a three-times-over centenarian.

“But following that first season, my own digitized stack can only produce images of an angry Kinnaman, a sad Kinnaman, and, the most popular version, a confused Kinnaman, who’s blank face offers only the faintest hint of curiosity.”

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