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Watch Netflix’s ‘We Have a Ghost’ Movie Review Video

Watch Netflix’s ‘We Have a Ghost’ Movie Review Video

““We Have a Ghost” is the movie version of the best sugar cookie ever made.

“It’s easy to get your hands on a sugar cookie, but most of them are pretty average. They’re cheaply made and too sugary, forgettable even before you’ve finished eating.

“High-quality cookies, on the other hand, highlight their sweetness with more subtle flavors. They’re rich, surprisingly complex, and completely unforgettable.

“The latest from writer/director Christopher Landon, “We Have a Ghost” takes on the classic “teen moves into a haunted house” genre of family movies.

“It’s a cookie-cutter standard that’s spat out dozens of duplicates, but Landon takes each aspect of the story as seriously as if he’s seen it for the first time.

“The plot is surprisingly nuanced, the relationships are complicated and achingly tender, and there are both genuine scares and a sprinkle of silliness.”

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