Watch New ‘Assassin’s Creed: Mirage’ 4K Gameplay Reveal Trailer Video

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“Okay, I take it back. I’ve long said that Assassin’s Creed is over, dead, and buried, and that it has departed so far from the essence of the original games that the series is barely about Assassins anymore.

“Mirage, however, has proved that Ubisoft is prepared to return to its roots, finally giving us a game where an Assassin acts like an Assassin.

“But I was immediately struck by a thought while watching the Mirage gameplay trailer streamed during the PlayStation Showcase – isn’t this just the original Assassin’s Creed?

“Seriously, I got deja vu watching it. Basim looks a lot like Altair did in the original Assassin’s Creed, with the iconic hidden blade and hood. We see him leaping from high surfaces to pin down his enemies with an all-too-familiar slicing sound effect.”

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