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Watch New ‘Bob’s Burgers’ IGN Movie Review Video

Watch New ‘Bob’s Burgers’ IGN Movie Review Video

“I have never seen an episode of the long-running Fox animated series Bob’s Burgers.

“Loren Bouchard’s ode to anyone unafraid to let their freak flag fly, no matter how cumbersome, is a breath of awkward fresh air.

“The Bobs Burgers Movie is so delightfully weird, off-kilter, and steadfast in its quirk that it keeps a smile on your face for much of the bewildering ride.

“Bob’s Burgers gets The Simpsons treatment with its movie that centers around the floundering burger joint with another pothole in the road.

“A water line ruptures under the restaurant right after Bob (Wet Hot American Summer’s H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (My Spy’s Kristen Schall) are denied an extension on their loan. The disaster creates a gigantic sinkhole in front of their only source of income.”

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