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Watch New ‘Godfall’ First 16 Minutes of PC Gameplay Video

Watch New ‘Godfall’ First 16 Minutes of PC Gameplay Video

“New consoles have an illustrious history of launch-day games that are fairly entertaining and technically impressive, but in hindsight don’t make much of a lasting impact on the generation they help debut.

“Godfall feels like a game that will probably occupy that space for the PlayStation 5 (to which it is a timed console exclusive), putting it in the company of games like Ryse: Son of Rome on the Xbox One, Red Steel on the Wii, or even (dare I say) Knack on the PlayStation 4.

“So far it’s an amusing loot-based hack-and-slasher with a gorgeous look and loads of loadout choice, but a thin story and strategically similar missions have kept it from feeling like much more than skin-deep fun.”

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