Watch New ‘Renfield’ Movie Review Video | Starring Nicholas Cage

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“The 1988 movie Vampire’s Kiss, about a lonely lothario with delusions of vampirism, might have flopped at the box office, but it did help to establish Nicolas Cage’s idiosyncratic performance style.

“Inevitably, he’s now brought his eye-popping instincts and shouty charisma to the role of Count Dracula – with most pleasing results.

“Cage’s Dracula doesn’t have top billing here, however; that goes to his longtime servant, played as a meek-but-mighty Englishman by Nicholas Hoult.

“In this telling, Renfield’s bug-eating is the source of his super-strength, not a mark of madness, and he wants out of what he sees as an abusive relationship with his over-demanding boss.

“But breaking free is complicated by a blossoming romance with Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina), a New Orleans cop determined to bring a local crime family to justice.”

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