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Watch New Ultimate ‘Pokemon Unite’ Tier List Gaming Video

Watch New Ultimate ‘Pokemon Unite’ Tier List Gaming Video

“If you were to devise an ideal spin-off genre for the Pokémon franchise, there’s every chance a cross-platform MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) would qualify as a particularly good idea.

“That’s exactly what Pokémon Unite will try to deliver when it arrives on the Switch eShop on 21st July, with a mobile release set to boost the userbase further in September.

“It’ll be free-to-start, unsurprisingly, with various microtransactions no doubt on offer for those that want to indulge further.

“Yet the runup to release has been rather interesting. At launch its presentation got bombarded with negative reactions, potentially because fans were teased about a ‘big project’ and what we got was another free-to-play spin-off (we’ve had a lot of them over the years).”

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