Watch Olsen Twins Speak Out in Rare Birthday Message to Ashley Benson Video

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“On the morning of December 18, Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson posted an Instagram video in which Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wish her a happy birthday.

“Without any context, the video is simple enough: Just two girls in coats and sunglasses wishing another girl a happy birthday.

“This is deceptive. In reality, it is worthy of Zapruder-level examination. Let’s unpack it together, piece by piece.

“1. Aesthetics first. Ashley and Mary-Kate, though dressed similarly in all black, seem to be in wildly different moods, perhaps hinting at a gentle disagreement over whether or not to film this video.

“Ashley is offering complimentary air-kisses while Mary-Kate looks quietly pained. Both have wet hair, which means they’ve showered recently, perhaps at the same time (though theoretically in different showers).

“Whose idea was it to grant Ashley Benson her birthday wish? What happened between the showers and the filming of this video?”

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