Watch Ryan Reynolds Sells Mint Mobile to T-Mobile In $1.35 Billion Deal Celeb News Video

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“Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds is the latest celebrity to make bank through savvy investments that are a world away from his onscreen acting performances.

“The Canadian actor is set to rake in over $300m (£248m) after a telecoms firm in the US offered to buy a smaller phone network that he owns a stake in.

“The co-owner of Welsh football team Wrexham AFC also sold a gin brand he co-owned in 2020 for a reported $610m.

“He also still appears in films as one of the highest-paid actors worldwide.

“The Deadpool star is expected to see a major payday after T-Mobile, the second largest mobile phone carrier in the US, agreed to purchase a company that Reynolds has invested in.

“Reynolds owns a reported 25% of budget telecoms firm Mint Mobile, which is included in the $1.35bn deal with T-Mobile.”

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