Watch Shaquille O’Neal Jokes a “BBL” Was the Reason for His Hospitalization Celeb News Video

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“Shaquille O’Neal’s followers were worried when they saw on social media that he was in a hospital bed.

“Now the basketball star and game analyst has explained what has been going on – with some light humor.

““To all the people who are concerned. First let me start off by saying thank you,” O’Neal wrote in an Instagran post on Monday. “And lastly i am fine. Just had to get some BBL work done aka #hipreplacement. but yes i am fine no need to worry.”

““BBL” is an acronym for “Brazilian butt lift.”

“Over the weekend, O’Neal had posted a photo of himself on Twitter in which he was hooked up to machines in a hospital bed, sparking concern.”

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