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Watch The Following Season Finale (Video) | “The Final Chapter” Extended Trailer

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Watch The Following Season Finale (Video) | “The Final Chapter” Extended Trailer

In the explosive Season One finale, Ryan races to stop Joe Carroll before his endgame reaches a deadly conclusion. Don’t miss THE FOLLOWING Season Finale on MON 4/29 at 9/8c! Warning {SPOILER ALERT}

So how many of you thought Carroll was just going to climb out of the rubble like nothing happened the way real horror works? What kind of detective show was this? It’s because everything about Carroll’s “demise” seemed to be too impossible, too unlikely, and too wrong-way theatrical in order to make sense.

The finale presents an interesting challenge for a show that’s sold itself as a cat-and-mouse game between a couple of animals that are really mediocre at toying with each other. The cliffhanger was unique in not addressing that problem but simply showing that violence will still happen, whether Joe orders it or not.

There was no newly anointed villain or torch-passing. Molly’s presence just reminds everyone that the cult members still being at-large is a danger to them all—especially since, if Emma’s reaction to it in Mobile and Molly’s continuance are any indication, they all seem to be real mad.

If The Following‘s Season 1 finale left you slack-jawed with more than a few burning questions, don’t fret! Apparently those mofos have a plan for at least two more seasons.

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