Watch ‘The Grudge’ Reboot Official Movie Trailer Video

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“A sequel to the “The Grudge” hits theaters tomorrow, January 3, and it’s creepier than ever.

“It’s been 15 years since Sarah Michelle Gellar was haunted by the demonic spirit in 2004’s” The Grudge” and now a trailer for the similarly-titled reboot of the franchise has arrived to make sure your showers are even more frightening.

“Transporting the storyline from Japan to the United States, the clip starts out as a realtor (John Cho) arrives to see a new listing and quickly finds the dimly lit estate is populated by a frightening entity in the bathtub.

“Amid disturbing throat sounds and quick cuts of menacing apparitions, he contacts a local detective (Andrea Riseborough) to investigate what exactly it was that he saw in the house.

“Turns out there was a brutal murder in the home which enacts a curse whenever “someone dies in the grip of rage.””

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