Watch Up-Close Look at New Moai Statue Found in Easter Island News Video

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“In a dry lake bed, archaeologists on Rapa Nui—also known as Easter Island—have unearthed a previously unknown statue.

“The new find is one of the moai, the famous stone figures located around the island. Researchers hope to find other ancient artifacts, including additional moai and tools, at the site, called Rano Raraku. They also plan to perform radiocarbon dating to determine the moai’s age.

““We think we know all the moai, but then a new one turns up,” says Terry Hunt, an archaeologist at the University of Arizona, to Angeline Jane Bernabe, Erin Brady, Faryn Shiro and Robyn Weil of “Good Morning America.” He adds, “When there’s one moai in the lake, there’s probably more.””

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